June 03, 2024 at 7:42am | Alexandra McEwen
Interior design trends shift with the seasons, moving from this uptick in minimalism to more warm, inviting textures. In 2024, highly textured materials are popping up all over the place here in Utah and beyond, creating some pretty cool living space personalities. The textured accent wall, a solid design choice, continues to evolve, taking on various sizes, and colors.

What this shows is that wallpaper is no longer just a flat decorative piece. With advancements in printing techniques and materials, homeowners are now seeing that textured wallpapers can include so many different options, such as densely patterned fabrics and natural leaf fibers. 

Textured paint, often seen as intimidating to the average person, is actually versatile and user-friendly for DIY lovers. It strikes a balance between thin paint and heavy plaster. From smooth texture paint to popcorn, orange peel, knockdown, and beyond, there's a texture for every aesthetic preference. Let’s look at some examples we’ve seen popping up lately:

  • Smooth Texture Paint

Smooth texture paint provides a barely-there finish reminiscent of plaster or stucco. Its thick consistency allows for precise sculpting with a putty knife, creating an artistic, customized texture for your home.

  • Popcorn Texture

Once considered extremely outdated, (like immediately brings back thoughts of grandma and grandpa’s basement), popcorn texture is experiencing a big resurgence. When done currently, its tiny, raised bumps add a tactile element, blending old-world charm with modern style.

  • Orange Peel Texture

Orange peel texture offers a subtle, slightly pebbled finish that adds dimension without overwhelming the senses, making it perfect for those new to textured wall finishes.

  • Knockdown Texture

Knockdown texture, resembling stucco, adds warmth and character. Created by tempering down bumps with a knife, it results in a marbled surface that suits quite a few different design styles.

  • Slap Brush Texture

Slap brush texture involves applying drywall or joint compound with a brush, creating a playful, more vibrant texture that relays more of Jackson Pollock's artwork.

  • Slap Brush Knockdown

Also called "Palm Texture" or "Tiger Skin Texture" but most commonly it's called "Slapbrush/Knockdown," this combines the knockdown and slap brush techniques, slap brush knockdown creates a marbled effect that commands attention.

  • Comb Texture

Comb texture uses a drywall trowel to create polished stripes, offering a structured, sophisticated design. Customizable with uniform or uneven teeth, it allows for personalized creativity.

  • Sand Swirl Texture

By mixing silica sand with paint, sand swirl texture adds grit and dimension. Swirl patterns can be created with a brush, offering endless design possibilities.

With these latest trends in play in the Utah real estate market, textured walls are not limited to bedrooms and living rooms. They can enhance any space, from bathrooms to offices, and can even be applied to vent hoods, ceilings, and built-ins for added appearance and visual to-do.

Overall, textured walls add endless possibilities for creating more depth and character to your home. Textured walls cater to every style, and really the only limit is your imagination, so roll up your sleeves and start texturing your way to a more beautiful home. Textured wall finishes are back and here to stay!

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